What it’s all about

MLM lead generation can be rapidly & successfully done. This article will reveal the truth about mlm lead generation but more importantly how you can easily do it and duplicate it without overhauling your personality or “pulling your hair out” in frustration.

Succeeding in multi-level marketing (MLM), or network marketing, requires you to recruit others into your organization through mlm lead generation. Now, if you are a regular person like me, the idea of constructing a list of prospects to potentially recruit to your network would cause you to initially say, “Absolutely not, forget it!” But what exactly causes us to get looped into these things? The wonderful promise of earning passive, residual income.

Those mlm meetings and conference calls make everything seem so easy, so simple, if “I” can do it, so can you… you know the spill. The problem is, it’s not so easy or simple because all mlm distributors are not the same. Many do not have the same inner circle or “chatty kathy” personalities to approach our friends, family, neighbors, grocers or bankers.

I am here to tell you, mlm lead generation does not have to be so hard where you feel you have to be “ON” all the time in order to recruit mlm prospects or constantly engage in “self talks” before making those dreaded cold calls (or even warm calls” for that matter).

We are no longer in the 70s & 80s where this is the only way of conducting our mlm prospecting, although many network marketing organizations will lead you to believe this is true. They would cause you to think mlm lead generation is costly and take a lot time… all not true.

You can attract targeted mlm leads who want to work specifically with you and join your network marketing organization with attraction marketing lead generation. Using an attraction marketing blueprint, you essentially plug yourself into an mlm lead system that is automated (meaning you don’t have to directly buy or recruit the lead, instead they willingly contact you) and can be duplicated (meaning you can easily show the mlm prospects how to do the same, thus you rapidly build your downline, as well passive income).

In plain english, an automated mlm lead generation system:

  • Is one that automatically does the mlm prospecting for you(hands free, no cold calling)
  • Promotes a generic product that is closely related to your mlm company(can be ebook, software or physical product)
  • Requires the product be purchased before given access(does 3 things – eliminates the need to buy mlm leads or lead lists, qualifies your mlm prospect before you contact or talk to them, and more importantly, earns you money before they are introduced to your mlm organization)
  • After product purchase, the mlm prospect is automatically introduced or exposed to your network marketing company(this is rejection free lead generation, an automated way of funneling leads to your mlm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Can be easily duplicated by new mlm distributors(helps them to make money immediately while learning the business, maintains momentum leading to faster mlm success)
  • MLM lead generating can be automated allowing you more time & freedom to enjoy your mlm business as it grows. Having an automated mlm lead system eliminates the usual hardships, headaches, fears and pitfalls many suffer… allowing you to average 5 – 10+ new recruits a week with no sweat.

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