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Shout My Business brought to you by Worldprofit

March 18, 2010


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SafelisteXtreme advanced safelist. Brought to you by Worldprofit

March 16, 2010

SafelisteXtreme advanced safelist. Brought to you by Worldprofit & Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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How to market your business

March 5, 2010

There is no other way to be successful online than by training in online marketing and all the fundamentals of online business. A lot of tools claim to bring you to success but only a few can. One of these few tools is Online MLMLeadsystemPro. To learn more about it, read on.

The Online MLMLeadsystemPro is simply an online marketing course that lets newbies in the online business know the very essentials of conducting an online business. The training course also has tutorials on the web done through information videos, PDFs and several audio lessons which tell you the steps to take in generating quality leads. This course is intended for people who are up for the challenge and those who are eager to invest their resources to earn more profits and have a better life. It is a creation of Jonathan Budd, a highly reputable person in the net world and one of the people who made it most online.

Online MLMLeadsystemPro In A Nutshell

Online MLMLeadsystemPro is a complete online marketing course on internet marketing which makes use of compiled proven effective marketing facts. Jonathan Budd its creator was inspired by the success of his online venture. Of course most of these information found in the course are a results of what Budd learned as he continues to wrestle in improving his online business. The most important information that Budd wants to impart are actually not the effective marketing strategies but how to make these strategies work for one?s business.

The Knowledge The Training Course Imparts

Aside from the effective strategies to be taught, Online MLMLeadsystemPro mostly contains expert tips and advice from Mike himself who made it most online through his own efforts and, of course, through the very strategies that work for his online business. The fact is that Mike himself assures you that the online marketing course can bring anyone who uses it great results.

The Benefits Of The Course

The utmost benefit that you can get from the online mlm training course is the knowledge of how to generate quality and numerous leads. This course includes a step by step process of generating leads. Quality leads are the backbone of any online business. So by having quality leads you can continue to build your online empire.

The Course Compared with Other Programs

You might be thinking that The Online MLMLeadsystemPro is similar to other programs that create a buzz in the net. But, it actually is not. As you continue learning from your online mlm training course, you are at the same time enhancing your online business. As you learn more, your business will also grow more. In other words, you can adopt what online marketing strategies right away just like the techniques you learned on how to generate leads. Learning and building your online business happens almost at the same time.

Income Generation

The question in your mind right now is most probably the time it takes before you can start making money. Well, the length of time varies according to how well a newbie knows his lessons well. In other words, if you learn the strategies and lead generation process early, then you can earn much early too. There are testimonials that state how huge profits start to come just days after they have applied the techniques learned from Online MLMLeadsystemPro.



March 1, 2010

Sometimes called inbound links, backlinks are the lifeblood of Search Engine Positioning. In order for a website to be on the top of search engines like Google without the webmaster having to pay big money for advertising, the website has to have a large number of backlinks. Backlinks are links on one website that lead back to another website. The more established, high quality, and high Page Rank the website that contains the link has, the more power it has to help the linked website with its search engine position. If the website that is getting backlinks gets many High Quality and High Page Rank backlinks, the better the chance it has of being in a high position on the Search Engines. How does a webmaster go about getting high quality backlinks to his or her website? There are many ways this can be done. Some people advocate writing and submitting articles, posting on forums, making comments on blogs. Others talk about submitting their website to various Internet directories. One directory that has an excellent reputation is called DMOZ, or the “Open Directory”. This directory is probably the most respected directory online today. The websites it contains have all been placed there by human editors; there is no “automation” to this directory. The only drawback that’s been discussed about this directory is that it takes so long to have a website included. Another way that many people build backlinks for their website is to use Social Bookmarking websites. A “Social Bookmark” is a website that usually has a very popular ‘community’ aspect to it. Users sign up and create profiles on the sites that contain photos and information about themselves. They then can save “bookmarks” of favorite websites which can be itemized by ‘tags’, which are one or two word descriptions of what the sites contain, and these bookmarks can be saved to a list that’s private or can be listed publicly, so that everybody can see it. With the advent of what is known as Web 2.0, gaining backlinks is easier now than in any time in the history of the internet. Most sites now have an “interactive” quality to them nowadays. Readers can often sign in and create profiles. They then are often allowed to post comments on the stories or articles on the website or blog. In many cases, the website or blog owner responds to these comments; thus making this section of the website or blog a conversation. Backlinking strategies can be easy and fun and the website owner who is working on getting more backlinks for his website can learn new things, meet new people, and have a tremendous amount of fun doing something that was once a chore: building backlinks.


This is tax return season.

February 10, 2010

This is the time of year that we receive money from the government. This year lets not spent the money; lets use the money to invest in ourselves. The bill collectors and the credit card payment, and even the new cars can wait. Lets put our thinking caps on. We have been doing the same thing every year around this time. Fill in our tax info and wait patiently fo our check to come in the mail. After that we pay a bill purchse something new, or just spend the money on something frivilous. We have repeated the cycle for years. We still have yet to invest in ouselves. What happened to those lofty goals we set for ourselves. They are still attainable. Of course you dont have the money for it. Not yet, anyway. Here is the opportunity to invest in your future. Put the kids through med school, the dream home in Australia, the Vacations to far away places, and enjoy your life. Did you forget about that stuff?  Its still attainable. Join us in this endeavor. Fire your boss and make 5 figures or more per month for you and family. Let us show you how.

Contents Are Vital To Traffic Building For Your Biz

February 3, 2010



So what makes a profitable web site? Every affiliate marketer is very aware that traffic building is a very vital activity in internet marketing. Perhaps all marketing activities online are intended to increase web site traffic. The more people visiting your web site, the higher the possibility of generating more income. There are many ways in order to do wise traffic building strategies but the most effective way to do it is to have contents on your site. We are not only talking of many contents here, but we are more concerned about coming up with quality and relevant web site contents.If you think that having hundreds of content pages would attract search engines, think again. Search engines have grown wiser as the years pass by. Thus, you have to ensure that your site has many relevant contents in it so that it can attract more traffic. Webmasters these days are working hard on making their site updated with fresh contents daily so that they can land at better search engines page rankings. Sites like Google and Yahoo are giving particular attention to sites that religiously post new contents on a regular basis. So, for internet marketers who maintain their own web sites, it has become a common practice to write blogs.

Blogging has become a regular activity among internet marketers as part of their traffic building campaign. There are many ways to increase traffic thru blogs and one way to do it is not only by posting your blogs on your own site but also submitting it to blog directories. If you post to other blog sites or blog directories, you are able to create back links to your own site for free. The more exposed your blogs are, the more people will be directed to your web page. Aside from submitting your work to other sites, you can also have rss feeds to offer to interested people.

This way they will receive updates about your site thru rss feeds. This way your subscribers will receive updates in a very convenient manner thru rss technology. The contents that you write on your blogs will help you establish a good reputation in your niche. People who get to read your work will think that you are an expert in your field. Drawing such positive impressions will definitely give boost to your online business. Blogging can be truly helpful to your traffic building campaign especially that contents are given so much importance for a successful online marketing business. Another traffic building strategy that you can employ is to do press releases in other sites and invite people to your site.

There are many online media sources that may be a good site for you to promote your business and so, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity. All in all, no matter how you do traffic building for your business, it all boils down to having quality contents to offer to your target market. It will really be a big disappointment that after all your traffic building efforts, your prospective customers will end up reading non-sense blogs and articles on your site. Therefore, don’t be a big disappointment by doing your job efficiently.

Backlinks: Backlinks Secrets To Get To The Top Of Google

February 3, 2010


Find Out My Proven Backlinks Secret Tactics And Strategies That Get Me Consistent Page 1 and #1 Google Search Engine Results (Proof Inside)


Unlike Bing and Yahoo, Google’s Organic Search Engine results is largely driven by backlinks (links from other sites pointing to yours).

In the ancient history of the Web (the 1990s), the perceived ‘wisdom’ was that you, as the Webmaster of a new website or as an Internet Marketer, would simply send a polite email or letter to another Webmaster in your niche with a more authoritative site and kindly asked her or him to put a link on their site to yours.

They then read your correspondence, were moved by your eloquent prose and promptly placed a link on their site to yours and when Google noticed (usually pretty quickly), you may have gotten a little upward bump in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Fast forward to today.

The Web is a super-busy mega expressway and if you come over and visit me on my backlinks info site, I’ll show you sites building literally millions of backlinks a year for highly competitive terms. Yes, I said millions of backlinks. Scary, huh?

But in fact, for only moderately competitive terms, I want to show you very specific backlinking tactics and strategies that I have developed such as Site Bracketing, Forum Clustering, Double Pass Backlinking and Signature Surges that will get you moving on to Page 1.


And the financial difference between having your site cemented to the bottom of Page 64 on Google and being high on Page 1 is immense.

So let me run through my fundamental principles for proven Google Page 1 Results:

[1] One keyword only per page (not site);

[2] Same anchor text for all backlinks to a specific page (yes, it doesn’t look ‘natural’ but neither does flying in a metal tube at 30,000 feet and that works pretty well too!);

[3] Make sure that your backlinks sites are not all hosted on the same IP Address (e.g. Ning, Kickapps, Movable Type);

[4] Sustain your backlinking and don’t drop off for 3 months and expect rankings to keep going up;

[5] Make sure that your SEO fights are winnable with research BEFORE committing to a new site;

[6] Keep your ‘timetable of expectations’ realistic – 3 months is about right (this is also what SEO Godfather Aaron Wall states about backlinking timeframes);

[7] Ignore relevancy in choosing sites for your backlinks (it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference in real world testing);

[8] Remember that article directory backlinks have the LEAST value and forums have the MOST (at least in my experience);

[9] Boost the backlinks that you do create with Backlink Booster AND my rss>autoblogposting method; and,

[10] Use Forum Clusters, Site Bracketing, Signature Surges, Double Pass Backlinking and Backlink Booster (with autoblogposting!) to really supercharge your backlink power (all discussed on my backlinks site in detail).

Those are the basics that work for me on site after site after site. Let me tell you more.


How to Make Money On The Internet with Articles In 24 Hours

February 3, 2010

 There are several different ways that you can make money on the Internet. If you have been online for any length of time, you know that earning money can be difficult if not impossible. Many gurus offer their services at the tune of several thousand dollars per course to help you get started. Here’s a way you can get started for free or at a minimal cost using articles. The first step is realizing that there are literally thousands of articles that are submitted to article directories every day. Depending upon the type of article that is written, it will be picked up by other people to be used on their websites all over the Internet. The second step is choosing a popular topic such as health, weight loss, make money, and writing articles in mass for this particular subject. The third step is submitting these articles with a link back to a website or blog that you own that can be monetized in some way. This could be Adsense, an affiliate program, or a squeeze page that will capture an e-mail address. By doing this on a daily basis, you will soon see the gradual influx of traffic that will generate income for you as your articles are picked up by more and more website owners which will give you additional traffic and back links each and every month. If you are not good at writing articles, you can outsource them either to American writers or people in other countries. The cost difference runs about eight dollars for an American article and about three dollars for one that is written by someone in another country. The key to this working is having a steady supply of articles are being submitted on a daily basis going to websites that will earn you money. It’s that simple. Do it today.


Hello world!

January 25, 2010

Well, There is something that I must tell you that can be life changing for you. Now if you have the ability to become independently wealthy from your current job, then, read no further. However, if like me and many otherss you would like to take control of your life, please continue. I have an internet business that allows me to create wealth beyond my dreams. You know the dreams we have had for long periods of time. Long term goals: having the 50K square ft home on the oceanfront, the Bently coupe, and the vacation home in Hawaii. These dreams or goals never needed money; they are long term. No one that has become rich from meager beginnings had MONEY when they conceived their goals. NO, their goals, like yours and mine, were for the future, and the money would be made as they approached their goals. Today I offer you the opportunity to attain your goals of wealth and financial freedom, through multi-level marketing (MLM). This opportunity is for you to fire your boss and be the person that you are intended to be. Take care of family, vacation, and do all the things you dreamed of doing in a few hours of work a week at your computer. Whether you are currently a distributor whose struggling, or a beginner who wants and deserves your own internet-based business, we have help for you. If you consider yourself teachable, then join us on this journey to wealth. We were taught from grade school to be original, never copy. That is not the truth! If we copy what other internet millionaires have done we will become millionaires too! We were also taught that good things come to those who wait. As Abraham Lincoln quoted it, the entire message was “Good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by the hustlers! (check it, google it). Now why would we be taught that? So lets be hustlers and take advantage of this opportunity. My company is Ardyss International. Our services include a body reshaping line, a health products & skincare line, and a nutritional line. A very good product line. But I want you to visit my website to see how we advance the product and teach you to do the same. At this site I will show you how to explode your business, no matter what your business is on-line. Yes, it helps to have a great product, but we can exp-lode you business if you sell pens or pencils. This is not rocket science. You need not be a computer whiz to learn these techniques. These strategies will send traffic to your site. We will show you how to convert those leads into customers for your primary business. The MLMLeadsystemPro is a system that explodes your income and teaches every step of the way. When you duplicate the system you receive streams of cash, 5 and 6 figure income per month!! If I give you the method to achieve your goals, will you take advantage of this great opportunity?